Calming, delicious, warm, welcoming and safe. Thank you CRs!
– Facebook 06/25/20

Absolutely loved the atmosphere. GREAT service. Server, hostess, managers – all exceptional. Food was delicious!
– Google 03/10/20

Growing up on a family farm where we raised our own livestock to sell retail, I’ve been spoiled with exceptionally good meat. Thus, when I go out to eat usually don’t order steak as I’m always let down. However, I ordered the espresso-rubbed sirloin at CR’s and I was blown away. The meat was tender, delicious, and cooked perfectly to order. In addition, the portion sizes were great (which means a lot coming from me). The ambiance of the restaurant was also wonderfully cozy and quaint, yet refined and felt “new.” Will go here again and I recommend if you are reading this, just go ahead and go to CR’s, you won’t be disappointed!
– Google 03/03/20

CR’s was awesome. It was first time to the restaurant but it will definitely not be my last. Great wine selection!
– Open Table 02/24/20

CR’s has been our go-to for special occasions and celebrations. We were there to thank my mother for her support, and we enjoyed every minute of our experience. The Rib Eye was amazing, and the Filet Mignon was superior. The staff at CR’s is quick to respond to requests with a smile, and eager to make sure our dining experience is top notch. We also appreciated the table visit by the manager, as she swung through the dining room. We really love the ambiance of CR’s with its fireplace, and nautical theme. It’s cozy, charming, and unique. Thank you!
– Open Table 02/22/20

From the host welcoming us, to the atmosphere, which is beyond beautiful – food and drink outstanding. Next the service top rate – Brian M. Thank you for your knowledge and smile. The live music has us coming back every time. We saw Barry Brearley and we are now faithful followers.
– Facebook 02/20/20

Phenomenal experience once again. Have dined at CR’s numerous times and never had a less than stellar experience. Great food, Great ambiance, Great service.
– Open Table 02/15/20

The most consistent and delicious restaurant. I love it so much. Beautiful and delicious can’t beat that. I’ve tried mostly everything and it’s all fantastic.
– Open Table 02/14/20

Always a great meal and outstanding service.
– Facebook 02/10/20

Always great service. Fantastic bar. Ambiance on point. Food amazing.
– Facebook 01/28/20

Wonderful evening, loved the ambiance with fireplace roaring, great menu choice, awesome servers!
– Open Table 12/28/19

Holy. Yum. This place was amazing. From the bread to the drinks to the dessert… amazing. We will be back.
– Yelp 12/27/19

What a beautiful restaurant. It was very upscale, food was awesome, service was awesome. I recommend this restaurant highly.
– Trip Advisor 12/26/19

It’s nice to be addressed by your name and that they remember you. Also, they always stop and ask how you are. Very personal, friendly and attentive to what you would like.
– Open Table 12/24/19

Awesome place. Service was great, food was delicious, and the owner was very friendly. Definitely will be back! Perfect place for date night.
– Google 12/12/19

CR’s is a terrific setting for a high-quality dinner or a social time at the very nice bar. If you haven’t been, you are missing out on a treat.
– Facebook 12/05/19