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Chuck Rolecek

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Since 1989, restaurateur Chuck Rolecek has been committed to creating innovative and incredibly popular dining experiences in the Granite State. Best known for his highly successful restaurants in and around the Manchester area- CR Sparks and The Hanover Street Chophouse- he also staked an impressive claim as the host of the area's most prominent and prestigious function facility, The Event Center, hosting high end social events, hospital galas, and numerous political receptions for over 15 years.

Rolecek's career started in the airline industry where he found himself developing in-flight food specs, training flight attendants, and operating major commissaries from Honolulu to Boston. After moving to NH and on a "fluke" travelling out of the Manchester airport in 1987, his entrepreneurial juices started to flow and shortly thereafter Premier Catering was born. Premier would go on to expand to several mid-size airports across the country often winning awards for food quality, service reliability, and safety. Recognizing the need to diversify the business model, CR Sparks and the Event Center was formed in the mid-90's, and the rest they say "is history"! Rolecek would go on to other sports and entertainment related projects over the next few years but none succeeded quite as well or hit the scene with such a bang as did CR Sparks in 1994.

"It has always been a goal of mine to recreate or bring back the CR Sparks brand due to its incredible following and genuine popularity. To be in a position to do so in such a vibrant community such as the NH Seacoast is nothing short of a dream come true!"